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Katrijn van Oedhuesden
Leadership Coach in Frankfurt, Germany

“I know I need to have a good look at my profile every so often as all my opportunities come via Linkedln. Problem is, as a coach, I know that I can’t see what I can’t see, which is where Zanate comes in... I optimized my profile as we discussed a few days ago, and I’ve had 47% more profile views this week.

Brian Monahan
Meeting & Events Professional in Cincinnati, OH

“[Working with Zanate] was wonderful! It was more than expected… I highly recommend Zanate to anyone considering working on your LinkedIn profile, personal branding, or for other social media support.”

Ken Sallee
Linux Systems Administrator & TikTok Coach in Elizabethtown, KY

“Not even a week after optimizing my profile with Zanate, I was contacted by an amazing tech recruiter, and I have accepted an offer and going through the hiring process now! Safe to say two things: working with Zanate is a game-changer for your career, and I am here to stay.

Maxine Tolbert
Life and Success Mindset Coach in Seminole, FL

“The Zanate audit of your LinkedIn profile is one of the best gifts out there right now! Seriously recommend it! It’s gonna save you time, energy, angst, testing, just getting it wrong. [The Profile Audit] and the price they are offering are a gift. You gotta check it out. Just do it!”

Sonal Bhaskaran
Transformational Coach & Energy Healing Practitioner in Harrow, England

“I spent four amazing weeks with Kris’ guidance on my personal brand. Kris helped me break everything down into simple steps and clear the noise in my head while ensuring I knew exactly how to be aligned and consistent across all platforms. Thank you so much for your help, Kris – and for making things easy and simple enough that even I could do them with confidence!”

Lori Ouellette
Content Design Strategist in Alberta, Canada

“Zanate brings a systematic approach to building your personal brand through its coaching process. The Zanate system provides an intentional, foundational approach to building your brand on social media. The pillars of the system offer clear goals and frameworks, making Zanate an excellent resource for anyone who wants to develop or improve their personal brand.

Anna Marx
Business & Management Consultant in Philadelphia, PA

Zanate was an incredible coach. Friendly, clear, insightful, and very collaborative. I learned so much about LinkedIn from them in such a short time and am working on implementing the many tactics they provided me. I can’t recommend Zanate enough if you’re looking to grow your brand on LinkedIn!”

A Solopreneur Ghostwriting Client
Certified Financial Planner in Sioux Falls, SD

Before engaging with Zanate, I was stuck. I didn’t know what to post, where to post, whom to engage with, or what to say. Zanate has taken all of that off my plate allowing me to focus on what I do best. I now have a growing, flourishing network of my ideal prospects that Zanate is nurturing until they raise their hand for me to take over. I would highly recommend”

A Small Business Ghostwriting Client
Sales Training Consultants in Austin, TX

“As busy business owners, there wasn’t much time left in our day to look at content, much less post and comment, and our lack of any meaningful engagement showed. Zanate has turned that around. Using our voice, they have exponentially increased our company’s activity, awareness, and interest. We consider Zanate to be an invaluable member of our team.

A Solopreneur Ghostwriting Client
Fractional Accountant in Raleigh, NC

“Zanate’s guidance, leadership, and collegiality have allowed me to engage new audiences and lean into honing my voice, brand, and thought leadership as a freelance advocate. It’s a tremendous asset to my business and my go-to content strategist.